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Warum Ich hier bin

2018  |  Germany

65 Min, Documentry animation

Producer: Wolfgang Latteyer

Directors: Mieko Azuma and Susanne Mi-Son Quester

Screenplay: Mieko Azuma and Susanne Mi-Son Quester

animation production: Daniella Koffler, Moofa Production House

  Ahmed is 10 years old who fled Syria and found shelter and a new life in Germany.


  Four other characters between the ages of 10-84 are joining him in telling their stories of why they had to leave their homes and what was it like to arrive in Germany.


  What was so different? What to they miss? Between daily life, new schools and football games, Ahmed, Leila, Frau Schiller, Lena and Cacau, recalle stories of their previous lives in animation sequences.

  Festival screenings:

  • World Premiere – Dok Leipzig 2018

  • Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

  • Nonfiktionale Bad Aibling

  • DOK.fest München

  • Filmfest Emden Norderney

  • SWR Doku Festival

  • Dokville Stuttgart

  • Makedox Mazedonien

  • Bir Duino Kirgistan

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