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Moofa is an Award Winning Production House Formed by Daniella Koffler.

  We are passionate visual storytellers who produce films that make an impact.

  Alongside our independent productions, we produce animated content for customers who share our values and world view of inclusion, diversity and integrity. We also produce music and sound design for our original projects in house.

  Our short film “Compartments”, a German-Israeli animation co-production, was screened at more than forty international festivals worldwide and won several prizes including the German Film and Media rating institute (FBW) label of “Exceptionally Valuable”. Premiered in the USA at the Lincoln Center (NYC Jewish film Festival) “Compartments” has been screened at a variety of North American festivals and was recently screened on German Television.

  Our previous films “Stairs to No End”, “The List” and “Strings” were screened at more than 35 international film festivals, amongst them Stuttgart Trickfilm festival, Jerusalem film festival and Zinebi international film festival.

Daniella Koffler

Co-founder, Manager and Creative Director.

  Daniella is busy chasing stories, catching and animating them with Moofa’s art and animation teams.

  Over the years Daniella has worked as a Director, Art Director, Producer and script writer at Moofa. Passionate and curious about a variety of stories and different ways to tell them, Daniella has worked on a range of projects from commercial and commissioned films to Animated documentary films for children and adults.

  Her short films “Compartments”, “Stairs to no end”, “The List” and “Strings’ were screened at many international festivals and won numerous awards. Her illustrations have been displayed in art galleries in Israel, Germany and Italy.


  Daniella is a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, a Board member at the Israeli Animation union and the founder and editor of “” web magazine.


  She is also has a passion for antique toys, the seashore and illustrated children’s books. Her superpowers include storytelling, colors and textures.

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